Rugged power conversion solutions for industrial applications

MCPOWER designs, manufactures and markets rugged power conversion systems for applications in demanding sectors such as railways, industrial automation, marine and aeronautics.

Our products and services include:

Customer tailored solutions.

As engineers and manufacturers of power conversion systems, we are always focused to find the best solutions for our customers, at the best price. Our converters meet any customer requirement, with output power ranging from few Watts to up to 10kW, and are able to operate in the most demanding applications. Our engineering team is ready to discuss with you about your needs.

Quality and reliability, our motto.

All our products are engineered and built to guarantee endurance, reliability and robustness in demanding applications characterised by high vibrations, humidity and heat drops, such as railway, automotive, industrial automation, power utilities, mining, shipboard, telecomm and many others.

MCPOWER believes in the Total Quality Philosophy; this reflects not only in the final products, but even in our supplies, logistics, services and technical support as well as in consulting and advising our customers.

Any quantity.

As direct manufacturers, we can meet any need in terms of quantity, from one to up to thousand units.

Contact us.

Contact our engineering team here, send an email to or call us directly on (0039) 06 9255215.