high speed train ETR500

MCPOWER is supplier of power converters for the high speed train ETR500 for FS Trenitalia.

As an ISO9001 and IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard) certified company, all of our products are designed and built to guarantee durability, reliability and robustness.  Any product is  approved for railway applications as well as EN 50155 (shock and vibrations), EN 50121-3-2 (electromagnetic emissions) and RoHS compliant.

The autonomous trains are equipped with some of the most reliable MCPOWER’s static converters such as:

  • MC-28 – 500W, 24Vdc input, square wave output converter;
  • MC-100 – 400W, 24Vdc input, S2 class hold-up filter;
  • MC-13 – 24W DC/DC converter;
  • MC-11 fan boxes;
  • MC-78 – S2++ class DC/DC converter for diagnostic console.

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If you want more information, an economic offer or just to discuss about your technical needs, contact our engineering team here, send an email to mcpower@mcpower.it or call us directly on (0039) 06 9255215.