Welcome in MCPOWER

MCPOWER, established in 2004, is specialised in the design, development and manufacture of static power conversion systems for electronic devices.

Our products are suitable for all those applications where high reliability and performance are needed, such as civil, rail, military, industrial, marine and avionics.

We are located in Italy, in the south of Rome in Via Pontina Vecchia, Km 34, 00040 Ardea (RM).

All our products are designed and built in our plant and warehousing facility, grown from 200sq meter up to 500sq meter, where we even supply technical support to our customers.

Our products and services

MCPOWER is specialised in the design, development and manufacture of customised DC/DC converters, sine-wave converters, inverters and magnetic parts.

All our products are developed in synergy with our customers, from the design-review of their technical needs up to the definition of the electrical requirements. This permits to meet all the technical needs and to design high quality products with reduced cost and market time.

MCPOWER’s product and service line includes:

  • Design and manufacture of electronic power converters for demanding application in civil, rail, military, industrial, marine and avionics sectors;
  • Repairing of self-produced or third parties AC/DC, DC/DC, DC/AC converters;
  • Revamping or re-engineering of obsolete electronics converters, or part of them.

Our philosophy

All our products are designed to guarantee high robustness, reliability and endurance in demanding applications characterised by high humidity, vibrations, heat drops, etc.

Our products line is designed using synchronous rectification as well as the newest circuital philosophies and electronic components. Our magnetic coils are made directly on the printed circuit board; this increases thermal control and, hence, reliability.

Our more than decennial experience in designing and manufacturing power converters, our know-how about the electronics state-of-the-art, our focus to the components evolution and our natural leaning to innovation lead us to meet all the market needs and make our products competitive in terms of quality, reliability and costs.

Our technology

MCPOWER believes in the Total Quality Philosophy, with the priority of customer satisfaction. For us, quality is everything: we look after not only to the quality of final products, but even to supplies, logistics, services and technical support, as well as to consulting and advising our customers.

In order to guarantee products’ quality and reliability, MCPOWER is a UNI EN ISO 9001 certified company since 2006 (Certificate no.CERT-17176-2006-AQ-ROM-SINCER) and a IRIS – International Railway Industry Standard – accredited company since 2009.

Moreover, MCPOWER runs its business with strict adherence to its UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 environmental management system.

Our delivery time is ranging from 60 up to 150 days, depending on device type. With all our products we usually provide all the type test approval certificates as well as the series test certificates and the compliance test certificates (EN 50155, ST306158 etc.) needed.

Our strength

Our strength is our people: more than a half of our crew is composed by engineers, physicians and technicians with a large experience in railway and military applications. Our team is able to design mono and multi output, low or high voltage rugged power systems with output powers ranging from few Watts to up to 10kW, suitable for all the applications in railways, avionics, marine and photovoltaics.

Strongly believing in the importance of Research & Development, MCPOWER strictly collaborates with important Italian university centers.

Our customers

With more than 11.000 successful devices sold and thanks to our company profile, our business ethics and our philosophy, MCPOWER is accredited suppliers of the largest Italian companies such as FS TRENITALIA, ANSALDOBREDA, TRENORD, FIREMA, ATM – Azienda Trasporti Milanesi and ATAC.

Between our customers there are also important international firms such as SIC (China), ANSALDOBREDA Inc. (USA) and UNICONTROLS (Czech Republic).


On 2010, in November the 17th, MCPOWER has been recognised as one of the best innovative company in Latium, Italy, by the most important Italian economical newspaper IlSole24Ore.

Contact us

To request an offer or just to discuss your requirements, send a message by filling this form, send an email at mcpower@mcpower.it, call at (0039) 06 9255215 or send a FAX at (0039) 06 92500485.