DC/AC inverters and sine wave converters

MCPOWER is specialised in the design, development and manufacture of customised sine wave AC/AC converters and DC/AC inverters. All our products are designed to be suitable  for all those applications where high reliability and performances are needed, such as civil, rail, military, industrial, marine and avionics.

Thanks to our more than decennial experience, we are able to design and build any type of sine wave converter, with any input voltage, one or more regulated outputs and output power up to 500VA.

General features

  • Input voltage ranging from 14Vdc up to 160Vdc;
  • Output voltage: 48Vac, 80Vpp, single or three-phase inputs;
  • Output power: from 18VA to up to 500VA;
  • Mono or multiple output, Single or three-phase inputs
  • High tolerance to input noise;
  • High operating temperature range;

Our product line

In the table below is shown our DC/AC inverters and sine wave converters product line. Click on the model ID for more information. If you don’t find any model which meets your exact requirements, please contact us, send an email to mcpower@mcpower.it, or call as at (0039) 06 9255215; we are looking forward to discuss with you about the best solution for your needs.

009MC-16Conv. DC/AC24Vdc30Vpp18W
021MC-28Conv. DC/AC24Vdc 50Vpp 20kHz500W
034MC-41Conv. DC/AC72V5V 10A ±12V 1A 30Vpp 33kHz130W
040MC-47Conv. DC/AC24Vdc220Vac 100Vac 24Vac 500VA
052MC-59Inverter 50Vdc50Veff 400Hz100W
055MC-62Conv. DC/AC12Vdc 30Vpp80W
057MC-64Conv. DC/AC72Vdc48Vac500W
066MC-73Inverter 600Vdc380Vac1,5kW
077MC-84Conv. DC/AC 72Vdc50Vac500W
087MC-94Alimentatore 24Vdc±24V 2,5A 15Vac 6,7A 33KHz220W
109MC-116Alimentatore 24Vdc5Vdc/±12Vdc/15Vac75W
117MC-124Alimentatore 110Vdc5Vdc,±15Vdc, +15Vdc, 30Vpp 50kHz, 24Vdc180W
118MC-125Inverter 400V 50Hz320V 40Hz 240V 30Hz3000W
121MC-128ALD 72Vdc,110Vdc40Vdc, 40Vac 20KHz400W
125MC-132Alimentatore 24Vdc5V 5A 5V 2A 24V 0,8A 20Vpp 100KHz 1A65W
133MC-140Convertitore PWFM ±15VVariabile in base al segnale di ingresso/
136MC-143Alimentatore 24Vdc5V, 5V, 48V, 20Vpp70W
139MC-146Alimentatore Multiplo 24Vdc5V, 5V, ±15V, ±24V, 24V, 20Vpp 100KHz450W
140MC-147Alimentatore Multiplo 24Vdc5Vdc, ±15Vdc, 15Vdc, 30Vpp 50KHz, 24Vdc200W
150MC-157Conv. AC-DC/DC 230Vac 50 Hz - 24Vdc5Vdc 8A40W
151MC-158Alimentatore multiplo 24Vdc+5Vdc, +5Vdc, ±15Vdc, 10Vac, ±24Vdc240W
155MC-162Scheda FAPI-110 per Alimentatore con ingresso 110Vdc/100W 110Vdc4X80Vpp 20kHz100W
164MC-171Inverter 24Vdc220Vac-50Hz600W
166MC-173Alimentatore 24Vdc-37,5V5V, 5V, 20Vpp45W
176MC-183Alimentatore 24Vdc 5Vdc, 15Vac 33kHz150W
178MC-185Alimentatore multiplo 24Vdc5V, ± 15V, +15V, 30Vpp170W
181MC-188Alimentatore 24Vdc5Vdc, 15Vac 33kHz150W
184MC-191Alimentatore 72-110Vdc5V,5V, 20Vpp45W
185MC-192Alimentatore 72V5V, 24V, 20Vpp45W
188MC-195Inverter 24Vdc230 Vca 50Hz (forma d'onda Sinusoidale200W
189MC-196Conv. AC/AC Trifase
400Vrms, 50Hz
Trifase sinusoidale
400Vrms, 50Hz oppure
320Vrms, 40Hz
194MC-201Alimentatore 110Vdc5Vdc, 15Vac 33kHz150W
195MC-202Alimentatore 72-110Vdc+5Vdc, +5Vdc, ±15Vdc, 10Vac, ±24Vdc240W
201MC-208Alimentatore 110Vdc5Vdc, ± 15Vdc, +15Vdc, 30Vpp 50kHz, 24Vdc191W
204MC-211Alimentatore 72-110Vdc5Vdc, 15Vac 33kHz150W
205MC-212Alimentatore 110Vdc5Vdc, 15Vac 33kHz150W
209MC-216Alimentatore 24Vdc-37,5V5V, ±15V, 20Vpp, 24V40W
215MC-222Alimentatore 24Vdc+5Vdc, ±15Vdc, 40Vpp - 42kHz170W