Copenhagen Cityringen

MCPOWER is supplier for a range of power converters for the Copenhagen Cityringen rail system, in Copenhagen , Peru, both for new devices and repaired ones.

MCPOWER’s products are designed and built for durability, reliability and robustness. As an ISO9001 and IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard) certified company, all of our products are approved for railway applications as well as EN 50155 (shock and vibrations), EN 50121-3-2 (electromagnetic emissions) and RoHS compliant.

Some of the supplied converters for this rail system are:

MC-158 DC/DC-AC power supplier with chopper output

  • Input: 24Vdc
  • Output(s): 2x5Vdc, 1x±15Vdc, 1x±24Vdc, 1x10Vpp XXkHz;
  • Output power: 240W;
  • Operating temperature range: -40 ÷ 85°C;
  • Mechanic: E7-16TE;
  • Weight: 1,38 kg;
  • Connectors: 1 connettore 2W2, 1 connettore 3W3, 2 connettori D41612 H-15;

Autostarter (start-up converter) MC-119

  • Input: 750Vdc
  • Output: 26Vdc;
  • Output power: 50W (80W peak);
  • Operating temperature range: -40÷85°C;
  • Mechanic: E1-6TE;
  • Weight: 0,411 kg;
  • Connectors: 2xAMP2.

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